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Modified on 2015/02/17 13:45 by Ben Fulton Categorized as Uncategorized
Totalview is a debugger for Linux programs that runs under an X Terminal. For Karst at IU, launch an interactive job with the -X parameter that allows X interactions. then "module load totalview" and run tv8.

[befulton@c123 Karst]$ qsub -X -I -l nodes=1:ppn=8,vmem=25gb,walltime=3:00:00
qsub: waiting for job 131632.m2 to start
qsub: job 131632.m2 ready

/usr/bin/xauth:  creating new authority file /N/u/befulton/Karst/.Xauthority
GMP arithmetic library version 5.1.1 loaded.
MPFR version 3.1.1 loaded.
Mpc version 1.0.1 loaded.
gcc version 4.9.2 loaded.
Moab Workload Manager scheduling and management system version 7.1.1 loaded.
Python programming language version 2.7.3 loaded.
Perl programming language version 5.16.2 loaded.
[befulton@c26 ~]$ module load totalview
TotalView version 8.15.0-15 loaded.
[befulton@c26 ~]$ tv8

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