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The NCIS Story

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WARNING: Spoilers. Don't read if you don't want to know what happens.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a Marine gunnery sergeant. He meets agent Leon Vance, a young black man in the service. Vance is assigned to a mission in Europe. Vance meets Israeli Mossad agent Eli David, who shows him that he is being played by his agency, and was assigned to the mission as an expendable agent. Instead, Vance and David set a booby trap for Russian agents who come after Vance.


Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo is a point guard on the Ohio State basketball game. One day, passing by an apartment building, he notices that it is on fire and runs inside, saving a young boy but failing to save his little sister.

The incident makes him fascinated with public safety, and after graduation he becomes a Baltimore police officer. On one case, he accuses George Stewart, a medical examiner, of contaminating blood samples, and a murder suspect walks free. Stewart is fired.

Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is a medical examiner. He lives in a large family estate with his elderly mother, who has Alzheimer's. He testifies in a trial where a woman is murdered.

Gibbs' Family

Gibbs marries Shannon and they have a little girl, Kelly. One day his wife witnesses a Mexican drug dealer, Pedro Hernandez, murdering a Marine. Although they are placed in protective custody, both Shannon and Kelly are killed by Hernandez in order to prevent them from testifying. Gibbs contemplates suicide, but instead decides to join NCIS, under the tutelage of maverick Special Agent Mike Franks. Gibbs travels to Mexico and assassinates the killer of his wife using a long-range sniper rifle. He marries three more times, and ends up divorcing all three.

Agent Lara Macy is assigned to find Hernandez's killer, and eventually decides that Gibbs is the most likely suspect. She decides to bury the evidence and protect Gibbs after learning the circumstances of the case.

Gibbs works a case with a serial killer, Kyle Boone, who kills more than twenty women. Boone is given a death sentence.

Franks has a liason with a woman in Mexico, who later, unbeknownst to Franks, has a child.

In 1999, Gibbs and Agent Jenny Shepherd work together on a mission in Paris. They ended up sleeping together and Gibbs covered for Shepherd when she made a mistake.

Agent Caitlin Todd

Gibbs works his way up to run a team at NCIS, and recruits DiNozzo as an agent, Dr. Mallard as the team's medical examiner and Abby Sciuto, Ph.D., as forensic analyst. On an assignment he crosses horns with Agent Caitlin Todd, a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the President on Air Force One. After she resigns from the Service, she also joins Gibbs' team.

Jenny Shepherd has worked her way up to become the director of NCIS and Gibbs' direct manager.

NCIS works a case where three bodies are taken apart into meat puzzles. Eventually Ducky recognizes one of the bodies by a surgery he had done, and realizes that they were all members of the prosecution team on the case where he testified.

Timothy McGee, an MIT graduate with a degree in computer forensics, joins the team. He kills an undercover police officer in Season #3.


Gibbs has an obsession with a terrorist named Ari. He works with Hamas, but then it emerges that he is an undercover Israeli agent. Gibbs shoots him in the shoulder.

Agent Todd is killed by Ari.

Agent Paula Cassidy is assigned to the team as her temporary replacement. Kyle Boone, in the week before his execution, attempts to gain a stay by organizing a copycat killer who manages to kidnap Cassidy, but she manages to escape.

Eli David is now the head of Mossad and he assigns his daughter Ziva, also a Mossad agent and a trained assassin, to NCIS. Ari turns out to be also a son of Eli David and Ziva's half-brother, and as she works with NCIS, she is also handling him as a secret agent. But when Ari shows up at Gibbs' house intending to kill him, Ziva shoots Ari instead.


Director Shepherd, feeling that Abby is overworked, assigns Charles "Chip" Sterling to work with her. Awkward at first, Chip makes progress towards being accepted as a member of the team, but eventually is arrested after using his forensic skills to frame Tony for a murder. He was working for Dr. Stewart when Tony had him fired.

Mike Franks appears when NCIS works a case of a marine in a hospital bed. The Marine turns out to be his son, whom Franks had learned of just a few years before. The man is brain dead, forcing Franks to pull the plug on his life support. DiNozzo starts seeing a new woman whom he is very secretive about. Eventually it is revealed that Director Shepherd has given him an assignment to seduce the daughter of an arms dealer.

McGee writes a book.

Director Shepherd, pursuing a personal vendetta, goes after the arms dealer. Eventually she is pursued and killed by the dealer's agents. Leon Vance takes over as director. He disbands the team, sending Ziva home to Israel.

Ziva goes back to work for her father at Mossad. One one mission she and her Mossad superior take a boat to Somalia, chartered by a former Marine. The crew turns on her en route and they are forced to kill the crew and scuttle the ship. The Marine is murdered by her partner. No longer caring whether she lives or dies, she fights her way through a terrorist camp before being captured and held prisoner in North Africa.

The team travels to the site and rescues her. She requests to be reinstated, but Gibbs has reservations; he forces Ziva to admit that she was ordered to kill her brother in order to gain Gibbs' trust. In addition, she is under suspicion of the death of the Marine. Eventually Gibbs accepts her application.

Ziva resigns from the Mossad and applies for American citizenship.

Holly Snow, a DC madam.

Reynosa Cartel

An unidentified murder victim turns out to be Lara Macy. She had been murdered by the Reynosa drug cartel of Mexico. The cartel is led by ??? who is the daughter of Pedro Hernandez. She had Macy killed because of her protection of agent Gibbs.

Alejandro Rivera, a Mexican Department of Justice worker, invites Abby to Mexico to teach a class on forensics of cold cases, and gives her a cold case to reinvestigate. The case turns out to be that of Pedro Hernandez. Rivera, having suspected Gibbs of the murder, intentionally brought Abby into the case. Rivera turns out to be the son of Hernandez and the brother of ???.

They threaten to kill everyone Gibbs loves unless he becomes a courier for them, and present him with Mike Franks' trigger finger, which had been shot off.

They try to kill Gibbs' father. He hides in a storm cellar and then later on is protected in a safe house by Gibbs. Mike Franks also comes to help.

More Stuff

Port-To-Port Killer. He kills Mike Franks.

Harper Dearing. Rich guy whose son was killed in a terrorist attack on a ship. He retaliates by attacking perceived vulnerabilities to point out that his son's death was unnecessary. Eventually he manages to plant a bomb in a car parked outside NCIS headquarters. After the explosion, Ducky, hearing the news while attending Jimmy Palmer's wedding in Hawaii, has a heart attack.

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