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Miss Marple Actors

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Actors portraying Miss Marple on screen include:

  • Margaret Rutherford
  • Joan Hickson
  • Geraldine McEwen
  • Julia McKenzie

Rutherford played Marple in the early 1960's, in a series of movies leaning toward the humorous. The movies show Miss Marple to be an intrepid detective, a crack marksman and an expert fencer, holding one murderer at bay with a foil. Rutherford played Marple on film in her late 60's.

Joan Hickson, 14 years younger than Rutherford, played a housekeeper to Rutherford's Marple in the film Murder, She Said. From 1984 to 1992 she starred in 12 Miss Marple films that stayed much more true to the original Christie stories. Hickson, who began playing Marple at the age of 78, interpreted the character as a very frail and doddering woman, with a rather scatterbrained conversational habit.

McEwen, 2004 to 2009, was younger when playing the character, and was a more intense Marple. McKenzie replace her from 2009 onwards.

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