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Innocenture project

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Sequencing bias? Pacbio tends to error by insertions or deletions. Can we figure out what the error profile is of the Pacbio sequencing?

Information from supercomputer filesystem

:/N/dc/scratch/yye/InnoCentive/Software> cat README

>> Samtools SAM (Sequence Alignment/Map) format is a generic format for storing large nucleotide sequence alignments. SAM Tools provide various utilities for manipulating alignments in the SAM format, including sorting, merging, indexing and generating alignments in a per-position format.

>> Reads mapping tools Bowtie BWA

>> Assembly tools Velvet Newbler (not installed)


yes, the famous BLAST

befulton@BigRed:/N/dc/scratch/yye/InnoCentive/Software> ls
  • bowtie2-2.0.0-beta4
  • bwa-0.6.2
  • bowtie2-2.1.0
  • ncbi-blast-2.2.26+
  • samtools-0.1.18


FN - index file for human genome

befulton@BigRed:/N/dc/scratch/yye/InnoCentive/Database> ls db download.py human nt.tar befulton@BigRed:/N/dc/scratch/yye/InnoCentive/Database> ls human command.sh hs37.fa.nhr hs37.srprism.amp hs37.srprism.map hs37.srprism.ss hs37.bitmask hs37.fa.nin hs37.srprism.idx hs37.srprism.pmp hs37.srprism.ssa hs37.fa hs37.fa.nsq hs37.srprism.imp hs37.srprism.rmp hs37.srprism.ssd

befulton@BigRed:/N/dc/scratch/yye/InnoCentive/Database> cat human/command.sh
  1. !/bin/sh
    bmtool -d hs37.fa -o hs37.bitmask -w 18
    srprism mkindex -i hs37.fa -o hs37.srprism -M 7168
    makeblastdb -in hs37.fa -dbtype nucl

Also MEGAN http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MEGAN

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