Fultons of Bloomington, Indiana

Ben is a software developer living in Bloomington, Indiana, currently working for Envisage Technologies, a training and schedule management company.

Cathy is a doctoral student in the Indiana University School of Nursing. She stayed at home with our son until he turned four, and she now works at the Indiana University Health Center.

Jesse is a fourth-grader in the Advanced Learning class at University Elementary. He plays guitar and piano, as well as football and baseball.

What we do

Ben reads a lot. Read a book review below. Cathy reads a lot too, but she's not so noisy about it. She likes mysteries, particularly of the Agatha Christie variety. Jesse takes swimming classes and plays a mean piano. His latest song is called "I Remember". Ben also spends a lot of time on Bloomingpedia writing articles about local history.

What we're doing

Where we're going

We visited Speech and Hearing Sciences Building on February 29

Our favorite things