Multiuse Paths

N Fee Lane Multiuse Path and Protected Bike Lanes

Provide a multiuse path and protected bike lanes on N Fee Ln from E 17th St to Hwy 45/46

Status: The multiuse path is complete. No plans for protected bike lanes (and not really much need for them with the path there.)

17th St Multiuse Path and Bike Lanes

Provide a multiuse path and bike lanes on 17th St from I-69/Hwy 45 to Hwy 45/46

Status: Completed on the west side and from Walnut Street to the bypass.

From Walnut west to the roundabout is INDOT's responsibility. Utility companies will be relocating poles along the north side of 17th over the winter of 2022-23, with construction beginning in Spring 2023.

Plans for this part are available in the April 27, 2022 Traffic Commission packet. The College Avenue intersection, which badly needs work, will be affected by the new bank going up on the northwest corner.

MU-3 Multiuse Path N Crescent Rd/W Fountain Dr Multiuse Path

This project will connect the existing B-Line Trail terminus at Adams Street with the multiuse path on the 17th Street I-69 overpass. The proposed route will be along the eastern edge of West Fountain Drive to North Crescent Road, then north along the eastern edge of North Crescent Road to West 17th Street. Additionally, the project will reconstruct the intersection of West Fountain Drive and North Crescent Road. The project is programmed to receive federal funding assistance for construction and construction engineering.

Status: Construction will begin in Spring 2023 and last for a year. Plans were approved by the Redistricting Commission in August 2022.

MU-4 Multiuse Path Indiana University Multiuse Path

Provide a multiuse path from E 10th St to E 3rd St between N Woodlawn Ave and N Jordan Ave

Status: No plans that I'm aware of. This is not a difficult route by bike or on foot, so there's not much need for an additional path.

MU-5 Multiuse Path S Clarizz Blvd Multiuse Path and Bike Lanes

Provide a multiuse path and bike lane on S Clarizz Blvd from E Moores Pike to E 3rd St.

Status:Multiuse path is complete, on the east side of the road. No bike lanes, but a protected lane is not needed IMO. A bit of paint would be sufficient. Trying to turn left from the 3rd Street bike lane onto Clarizz is extremely dangerous.

The big new development on the old K-mart site will make a lot of difference to the project. The July 2021 meeting of the Plan Commission had a lot of whining about traffic congestion.

MU-6 Multiuse Trail E Thornton Dr Multiuse Trail Extension

Extend the E Thornton Dr multiuse trail from S Walnut St to the B-Line Trail

MU-7 Multiuse Path S Highland Ave Multiuse Path and Bike Lanes

Provide a multiuse path and bike lanes on S Highland Ave from E Winslow Rd to E Hillside Dr

MU-8 Multiuse Path S High St Multiuse Path and Bike Lanes

Provide a multiuse path and bike lanes on S High St from E Winslow Rd to E 3rd St

MU-9 Multiuse Path Ramp Tunnels for Bloomfield Rd Interchange

Tunnel through the two interchange ramps so the multiuse path will avoid the traffic crossings

MU-10 Multiuse Path N Dunn St Multiuse Path

Provide a multiuse path on N Dunn Street from Hwy 45/46 to N Old State Road 37 The parks board approved the following bond items May 9, 2022:
  • Replace missing sidewalk on Rogers St. by Switchyard Park
  • Implementation of West 2nd Street modernization, including new signalization and protected bicycle lanes (from Walker Street to B-Line trail)
  • Design and right-of-way for North Dunn Street multiuse path (from the SR 45/46 Bypass to Old SR 37)
  • Addition of protected bicycle lanes along Covenanter Drive (from College Mall to Clarizz Blvd)
  • Griffy Loop Trail dam crossing and community access improvements

Neighborhood Greenways

NG-1 W 7th St Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on W 7th St from N Ritter Street to S Rogers Street and a protected bike lane on W 7th St from S Rogers St to the B-Line Trail

Status: From Rogers to Adams, planters in several intersections on 7th make for a very calmed drive. On a bike, visibility is poor on most intersections due to the number of parked cars. I don't know if there are further plans in the works or not. Adams Street carries a lot of traffic north from SR 48, so getting across that street can be tricky. I haven't travelled west of Adams to Ritter Street yet.

NG-2 E 7th St Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on E 7th St and E Longview Ave from S Union St to N Glenwood Ave

Status: Complete from Union to the bypass. The area just east of the bypass has a big new building going up, so we wait to see how that looks. I have not travelled on Longview east of Kingston in a few years. The trail that parallels 10th Street from the bypass to Glenwood is a good alternative, but crossing the bypass at 10th is very dangerous.

NG-3 E Morningside Dr Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on Glenwood, Longview and Morningside Dr from Clarizz to E 3rd St and S Morningside Dr extension.

Status: This route has been a bike route for many years. It's been a while since the road has been repaved, and there are several speed bumps that will break the eggs if you try to bring them home on a bike. Other than that it is very ridable. Clarizz does not exist north of 3rd. so I'm not sure how that fits in, but a way to get to the greenway from Clarizz would be very useful. I don't know when/if further work is planned.

NG-4 E Hunter Ave Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on W Howe St, Smith Ave, and E Hunter Ave from S Walker St to S High St.

This is an ideal place for a bike route as there is no good way to go west between First and Seventh. It's not useful yet though. High Street to Eastside is marked with sharrows and is pretty nice. At Eastside, there's a small path that takes you from Eastside to Mitchell, but if you don't know it's there you'll probably miss it. Mitchell to Henderson has two-way stops at every block.

A short jog north on Henderson up to Smith Avenue, and east on Smith takes you to College Avenue. Not sure what will happen between College and Morton, but Howe takes you directly to Walker.

Status: Not started yet. An important part of the plan will be the Henderson route. If I understand the plans correctly, a southbound contraflow bike lane will be added between 2nd and Smith. This should mean that the northbound car path will be cut to one lane, perhaps with sharrows added? Contract has been awarded to Rivertown and the work should be done in the summer of 2023.

NG-5 Allen St/E Covenanter Dr Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on Allen St, E Southdowns Dr, E Ruby Ln, E Marilyn Dr, and E Covenanter Dr from W Patterson Dr to S College Mall Rd

Status: Allen Street from Patterson to Walnut is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023. Allen doesn't exist between Morton and Madison, so the path takes a short jog south in that area. The bridge west of Walnut is closed, but perhaps only to car traffic. Walnut to Henderson has speed humps, and there is a dangerous but well-marked crossing over Walnut. Other than that, the route from the B-Line to Henderson is smooth.

There are several smallish paths through Bryan Park, and it can be tricky for a biker to get past pedestrians. Using the north or south paths rather than the middle ones is probably advisable. Sheridan and Southdowns have a painted lane that is marked for pedestrians and bikes. Not the worst thing as traffic on those roads is fairly minimal, but certainly not a level 1 ride.

Travelling east on Southdowns, the bike markings turn right on Mitchell which quickly turns into Ruby - have your map app handy trying to navigate this! Turn right on Nancy and left on Marilyn and you get to the High Street crossing and onto Covenanter. Covenanter has big annoying speed bumps that will break your eggs if you're bringing them home on a bike - hopefully those will be replaced with speed humps at some point. Covenanter takes you to the big College Mall crossing.

NG-6 S Hawthorne Dr Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on S Hawthorne Dr and S Weatherstone Ln from E 3rd St to E Thornton Dr

Hawthorne extends south from 3rd Street across from the Indiana University Biology Building. The greenway will extend roughly a mile down to Hillside Avenue. I assume the anticipated path will take Hawthorne down to Southdowns Drive, then east on Southdowns to Highland, then down the small bike path between Highland and Weatherstone. It looks like it will actually go straight through on Highland, which is marked as a dead-end, and down a small bike path onto Weatherstone. I'm not sure if this path exists currently or not, but it's a better route than my original plan. South of Hillside, the bike route on Olive Street and back to Highland takes you to Winslow Road quite conveniently.

This is an important route for the bike grid. There's currently no convenient way to bike south of 3rd Street without going over to the B-Line, which is a good mile away. It would be nice to get rid of the stop signs. Currently there are stop signs on Maxwell, 1st, and 2nd (as well as Atwater and 3rd, which are unlikely to change). Maxwell and 1st are dangerous crossings, where it's pretty easy to get up to killing speed, but the design looks like it will have speed humps on those streets. 2nd street is fairly narrow already.

Status: Two public meetings have been held, and the Nimbys are out in force to try to block this. A third meeting is being planned for December 2022.

The greenway modifications are expected to be undertaken in the spring of 2023.

NG-7 E Thornton Dr Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on E Thornton Dr and Arden Dr from S Henderson St to S High St

NG-8 W Graham Dr Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on W Graham Dr and S Bryan St from W Kissell Dr to the B-Line Trail

Status: Contract awarded to Rivertown Construction LLC. Construction date to be determined.

NG-9 E Arden Dr Neighborhood Greenway

Provide a neighborhood greenway on E Arden Dr from S High St to S Montclair Ave

Protected Bike Lanes

PBL-1 N Fee Lane Protected Bike Lanes

Provide protected bike lanes on N Fee Ln from E 10th St to the 45/46 Bypass. Status: The nice multi-use path from 17th to the bypass renders that part more or less moot. 17th to 10th is a major walking thoroughfare so there needs to be thought put into that design; if they just put in protected bike lanes without any thought they will be used as walking lanes.

PBL-2 7th St Protected Bike Lanes

Provide protected bike lanes on 7th St from the B-Line Trail to N Union St Status: Complete from the B-Line to Woodlawn. The block from Woodlawn to the parking lot is very often a big mess of cars that you can't get past easily. Odd that they built a nice little plaza on the north without changing the traffic design at all. Cars are banned east of the parking lot so it's very nice up until Eagleson. The Eagleson stop sign is a pain. From Eagleson to Union has little enough traffic and enough curvature that a protected lane wouldn't make a whole lot of difference.

PBL-3 E Covenanter Dr Protected Bike Lanes

Provide protected bike lanes on E Covenanter Dr from S College Mall Rd to S Clarizz Blvd The parks board approved bonds for $2M to $3M for this project May 9, 2022.

Corridor Studies

College Ave/Walnut St N-S Corridor Study

According to the B-Square, the Board of Works selected Toole Design Group to conduct this study and it should be delivered by the end of 2023. Toole did the original design work in 2018 and recommended the streets be converted to two-way, but the plan commission removed that recommendation. (Urban planners such as Jeff Speck recommend two-way streets for urban downtowns).

E Third St/Atwater Ave E

S Walnut St Corridor Study

10th St corridor study

Citywide circulation change study


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