Reinhardt Alspach

1710 - 05/16/1773

Reinhart, or Reinhard, Alspach, was born in Thaleischweiler, Germany in 1710. A Calvinist and a farrier, he impregnated a woman named Anna Magdalena Brandstaetter outside of wedlock, much to the outrage of the community. He was either forced or insisted on marrying the lady, which he did on November 29, 1737 and then had to leave the country. After travelling to Rotterdam, they booked passage for America on the ship Robert and Alice. They arrived in Pennsylvania on September 11th of the following year, along with the new baby Georg, Anna's brother Jacob, and Reinhart's brother Mathews, and took the oath of allegiance to England. They settled in Berks County, PA, and presumably the marriage was a happy one, or at least it resulted in several more children: Michael, Reinhart, Johannes (John), Mary, Heinrich, John Philip, and Johann Jacob. Reinhart is buried in St Paul's Cemetery, Hamburg, Berks Co., PA. Some web sites show Anna Magdalena's maiden name as Ohlinger. I am not aware of any real evidence that this is the case. A will and tax assessment are available in Windsor Township.


  • The Foor genealogy site suggests that he was married in 1737 but emigrated in 1736...if so, presumably there was no child with him at the time!
  • Clifford Alspach's book references the notes of Mrs. Thelma Hinkle, which reference this source: Emigrants from the Palatinate to the American Colonies in the 18th Century By: Freidrick Krebs and Milton Ribincam Published by Penna. German Society, Morristown, PA 1953
  • Will of Reinhardt Alspach d